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Zhou Lab

The Zhou lab studies the pancreatic insulin-secreting beta-cells and the gut stem cells with the aim to developing new regenerative medicine approaches to treat diabetes, digestive failure, and inflammatory bowel diseases.  By understanding how specific tissues are formed from stem cells, we apply master genes and signaling pathways to reprogram adult cells and regrow tissues in adult organs.

The Lab Team


The Zhou lab welcomes a diverse set of talents and fosters an interdisciplinary approach in its attempts to translate fundamental scientific discoveries into clinical innovations.

Our Research


The Zhou lab’s mission is to understand fundamental mechanisms of tissue development and use the biological insight and the tools of engineering and medicine to develop new technologies and therapeutics for tissue regeneration to treat diabetes, digestive failure, and inflammatory bowel diseases.      

Weill Cornell Medicine Zhou Lab 1300 York Ave, A610 New York, NY 10065 Phone: 6177921165