Organoid Services

Human Therapeutic Organoid Core

The Weill Cornell Medicine Human Therapeutic Organoid Core (HTOC) facility serves as a central facility for human organoid technology to accelerate organoid-based scientific discovery. Organoids are mini-organs in a dish, made up of cells that self-organize and can more accurately recapitulate human biology. Human organoid technology has arisen as one of the best models to study human development and disease. The core facility will provide human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) derived as well as primary tissue derived organoids as a fee-for-service. The central facility will overcome the technical challenges of quality control and reproducibility often encountered when using organoid technologies.   

Organoids hold great promise to revolutionize scientific discovery and healthcare with multimodal potential for new drug development, precision medicine, and regenerative medicine. HTOC welcomes both internal Well Cornell internal users as well as external users. 

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HTOC Director: Joe Q Zhou,

HTOC Co-director: Lauretta Lacko,

Weill Cornell Medicine Zhou Lab 1300 York Ave, A610 New York, NY 10065 Phone: 6177921165