About Us

A unifying theme of our work is the identification of critical factors that orchestrate the making of specific cells during embryonic development and their maintenance during adult life.  Our pioneering work has shown that modulating the expression of these so called master regulators could lead to regeneration of new cells in adult organs by reprogramming cell identity and cellular function.  We are developing this unique mode of regeneration into therapeutic approaches that will help the diabetics gain more insulin-secreting beta-cells to maintain normal blood sugar levels or help people with digestive failure grow gut cells that absorb nutrients.    

We use many tools and techniques including stem cell biology, epigenetics, single-cell sequencing, and tissue transplantation. We use mouse models, human pluripotent stem cells, organoids and patient samples for our studies.  

Zhou is Professor of Regenerative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University in New York City. Zhou received hisDoctorate in Biology from the California Institute of Technology.  The Zhou lab was first established at Harvard University in 2009 before moving to NYC in 2019.